Urgent Care or Emergency Room (ER)?

When an accident, injury or illness occurs, it is important to quickly decide what type of care you need and where to go for treatment. Recent trends in building free-standing ER's make your decision more challenging!

If it's Not Life Threatening, Call your Primary Care Doctor

•        A New West physician can be contacted 24/7 , 365 days a year to assist you.
•        The cost of an Office or Urgent Care visit ranges from $30 - $150
•        Most people really need less-intense, less-expensive urgent-care centers.

Free-Standing ER's – Don't be fooled!

It used to be a safe assumption that the free-standing clinics in your neighborhood were Urgent Care Centers, but that is no longer the case

•        Free-standing ER's are being built at a rapid rate and look very similar to Urgent Care Centers.
•        These clinics charge ER Rates that are double or triple what is charged at urgent-care centers.
•        The average bill in the ER will be $1,500 - You may not know until you get ready to pay!
•        In case of real emergencies, either dial 911 or choose a hospital based ER. These are fully integrated systems with all the necessary equipment and
          specialists under one roof.
•        If convenient, choose one of our preferred hospitals that have hospitalists who will continue to guide your care: Lutheran Medical Center,
          St Anthony Hospital, St Anthony North, Porter Adventist, and Littleton Hospital

Urgent Care Clinics – Helping you navigate

•        On average, costs will be one-third the cost of ER – ranging from $30-$150
•        Where possible utilize an Urgent Care Center on our Preferred Urgent Care Clinic list below
•        This information will be posted on our Website under each of our office's location page
•        If you choose another, do your homework to make sure it is not a free-standing ER!

New West Physicians' goal is to work with you to determine the best possible care. When faced with a crisis, it is important to have someone you can count on for guidance – your primary care physician (PCP).



    Click here for a list of Preferred Urgent Care Centers in your area or go to our Locations page and click on the office location of your PCP.