Diabetes & Nutrition Center

New West Physicians' Diabetes and Nutrition Center provides personal and group class support to individuals who wish to improve their overall health. Our staff will teach you the skills you need to learn about achieving optimal nutrition, weight, and how to improve your health when living with diabetes. To view our group classes – see our calendar. Additional educational opportunities are provided on a 1:1 basis.  

The Diabetes and Nutrition Center charges a fee for services. Some services may be covered by your insurance. Contact your insurance for coverage benefits. You may also contact us for information about our fees.

Online Wellness and Weight Loss Course  Introducing the ONLINE Wellness and Weight Loss Course - Get started today!

The Education Center is located at 1697 Cole Boulevard, Suite 125, Golden, Co 80401.   Advance registration is needed for ALL classes by calling the Diabetes and Nutrition Center at (303) 716-8039 or by fax (303) 202-3895.


Diabetes Education

Whether you're newly diagnosed with diabetes or have had it for years, you may have questions such as, "Can I still eat my favorite foods?", or are there "natural remedies" to treat diabetes? You may be worried about complications from high blood sugar or just want to know the latest and greatest strategies to stay as healthy as possible now, and in the years to come.  If that's the case, you're in the right place. The New West Physicians Diabetes and Nutrition Center has a strong track record of helping people with diabetes find just the right tools to navigate the various aspects of managing diabetes. Caring certified diabetes educators will provide you with custom-made advice at your one-on-one appointments, as well as the opportunity to attend fun and informative group classes. Our accreditation with the American Diabetes Association assures you get excellent, evidence-based care.

We hope to see you soon at an upcoming class or at an individual appointment.  See the calendar on the right for more information; then call us today at 303.716.8039 to get scheduled.  

Nutrition Management

New West Physicians' nutrition experts work with patients ages 18 and above to enhance their understanding of how improved nutrition can positively impact health. We offer education for heart health, chronic kidney disease, cleiac disease, and other conditions impacted by diet. Call us today at (303) 716-8039 for your personalized appointment. 

See what is happening this month by viewing our calendar. 

Weight Loss

New West Physicians' goal at the Diabetes and Nutrition Center is to help our patients live a healthier and longer life while feeling their best. Because every individual has unique needs and goals, our team works to provide individualized and custom treatment plans that promote optimal weight management. Our team is dedicated to your success.  We now have an ONLINE New You Wellness & Weight Loss Course.  Learn more about our class schedule.


Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

DIABETES AND NUTRITION CLASS (calendar) Pre-registration is required!

This class is a 2-part series attended in 2 consecutive weeks. This class series is for patients newly diagnosed with diabetes or who need a refresher

Part 1  – Getting Started
This 3-hour class covers:
  • What happens in the body when you have diabetes
  • Treatment options and how the medicines work
  • Blood glucose monitoring: learn how and when to monitor, how to interpret
  • Counting carbohydrates and choosing high fiber foods
  • Portion sizes and label reading
  • Choosing foods in restaurants
 Part 2  – Staying Healthy
This 3-hour class covers:
  • Choosing healthy fats
  • The substantial impact of physical activity and lowering weight
  • What ongoing follow-up is needed to lessen complications and maintain health
  • Stress and depression: impact on diabetes and how to address
  • Managing sick days
  • Goal setting/ staying on track
PRE DIABETES – 3 HOUR CLASS (calendar) Pre-registration is Required!

This 3 hour class covers:

  • What is the difference between diabetes and pre-diabetes?
  • Is it possible to avoid progression to diabetes?
  • Picking the best carbohydrates, proteins, and healthiest fats
  • Choosing foods in restaurants and meal-planning at home
  • The substantial impact of exercise and losing weight, even a small amount


NEW YOU WELLNESS & WEIGHT LOSS CLASS SERIES  (calendar) Pre-registration is Required and is not covered by insurance
This 8-week weight loss program teaches you skills to make changes that last!

Two Options - in person class session or ONLINE Course - Let's begin!   

  • How to plan and cook healthy meals
  • How to choose healthier options when eating out
  • Ways to manage stress
  • Techniques for mindful eating
  • Proven tools to successfully lose weight and keep it off!


Additional on-going education opportunities

Insulin Pump Therapy & Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Please call our office if you are interested in learning about using insulin pump therapy and/or continuous glucose monitoring to help you better manage your diabetes. Each of our Diabetes Educators is certified to train you on the use of the different brands available.
In-Office Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Sometimes the ups and downs of blood glucose management are a puzzle too difficult to solve despite regular home glucometer use. Wearing Continuous Glucose monitor and working with your Diabetes Educator often helps identify patterns not able to be identified in the past. If interested in using this device, please contact our office for more information. 
Individual appointments with Registered Dietitians/Certified Diabetes Educators
  • If your doctor has referred you to our program for a more individualized appointment for blood glucose management or a nutrition-related concern, please contact our office directly to schedule this appointment.
Our Staff

At New West Physicians, we believe that our staff is a key component in the quality of your care. Whether we are working with patients one-on-one or teaching classes, you will find us knowledgeable and passionate, and eager to educate and care for our community.

  • Betsy Raube, RN, CDE

    Betsy Raube, RN, CDE

    Diabetes Educator

    Betsy is a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator with a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics. She has spent many years counseling patients individually and teaching classes on diabetes and techniques for weight loss. Her goal is to provide patients with various strategies for diet and exercise and individualize a plan of care for each patient. She wants to empower people to make positive lifestyle changes that will effectively lead to feeling better, improve health and quality of life.

  • Cynthia Foster, RD, CDE

    Cynthia Foster, RD, CDE

    Diabetes Educator

    Cynthia is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with a wealth of experience in providing compassionate and effective diabetes self-management education and medical nutrition therapy to individuals and groups. She is passionate about not only teaching her patients essential skills and information but more importantly, empowering them to take ownership of their health and achieve the goals they identify as important. Having pre-diabetes herself enables her to better comprehend some of her patients' challenges. Besides seeking to continuously be current in the fields of diabetes and nutrition, she enjoys her family, Bible study, jogging, baking and travel.